Friday, September 19, 2014

DIIGO vs Pinterest....... Which would you choose?

As teachers we often find ourselves coming across a lot of resources while were at school and saving them to the school computer. We sometimes find them at home while we're on our laptop. There are even times we find things while browsing on our phone while we're out and about. 
Over the past week I've been exploring the world of DIIGO and Pinterest. Both of these sites help you not only find resources, but have a place to save them where you can access them from any computer, smart phone or tablet.
Before telling you my favorite, I wanted to share some pros and cons I found with each site. 

  • You can highlight on the sites that you've bookmarked and saved to your library. This makes it easy to find the specific information you're looking for when you refer back to it.
  • You can use multiple tags for each site you bookmark. Diigo will recommend a few tags that you can use but you can also create your own.
  • You can also have your own write up for each site. Make a few notes so when you're referring back to your library you can read a brief description of the site. If you want you can even copy and paste from the original article to appear in the notes/comments about the site.
  • You have the ability to follow anyone with a DIIGO and they can follow you! This makes it easy to view other peoples pages.
  • You can message the people you follow to ask them questions, make comments, or just strike up some conversation.


  • You cannot post comments on other peoples DIIGO's. If you have any questions or comments you have to message them directly.
  • Although you can follow others, I personally had some difficulties following people. When you hit follow, a CAPTCHA message appears that you must complete in order to be able to follow them. On multiple occasions a CAPTCHA wouldn't load therefore I could not follow new people.
  • You are not offered suggestions for related articles or resources. 

Pinterest Pros

  • If you're posting something to Pinterest, you have the ability to create your own tags so people can find what you've posted. You can also search specific tags when you know what you're looking for. Although you cannot tag the sites you've found, you can pin them to your own personal board that you've created.
  • You have the ability to write about each site you've found in the "community questions". Here you can make comments or ask questions about the site you've found.
  • You have the ability to follow people and they can follow you. 
  • You can direct message people on Pinterest.
  • You are offered suggestions for related sites. For example, you can search the word education and every post that someone has tagged the word education in will appear.
Pinterest Cons

  • You cannot highlight text on sites that you "pin" to your boards.

Although both sites have great ways to find resources and access them again later on any device, I would have to say that Pinterest would be something I'd continue using over DIIGO. I found Pinterest to be a lot more user friendly and easier to manage. All pins have photos attached which helps you sort through them quickly. It was very easy to find hundreds of boards relating to what you're looking for.

What would you choose!?

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  1. I have found it interesting that several of your classmates prefer Pinterest, but personally I find DIIGO more useful for my purposes. However, I am also more familiar with DIIGO, so perhaps if I start to use Pinterest more frequently I'll change my mind.